Best music apps for iPhone

Best Music Apps For iPhone – Top 6 Music Streaming Apps

Best music apps for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you already know that you can not download songs on your device like android user and by the way Android users shouldn’t be doing that too I mean downloading songs for free because it is not legal.

The default Apple apps for iPhone like iTunes music and iTunes radio can’t always get the party started and are limited and confusing in terms of functions, and that’s why we’ve made a list of best music apps for iPhone.

One more thing now, the iPhone users don’t like to buy individual songs or albums and why would anyone pay for a single song when there are a lot of apps available on the App store where you can purchase monthly subscriptions to stream unlimited music from apps like Spotify, Google play music, Amazon prime music, and Apple music, etc. You won’t get bored during your commute to work and while traveling anywhere with these music streaming apps.

Here We Have Listed 6 Best Music Apps For iPhone

1. Amazon Music

Many people don’t know about Amazon music servicer because a lot of peoples are using Amazon’s prime video app but still, there are many things in Amazon music to explore.

Best music apps for iPhone

You can stream around 20 millions of songs, radio stations, and playlists and what’s more, this app is ad-free in prime subscription also six different users can use this when you sign-up for a family plan in Amazon music.

You can download or stream the music you’ve purchased from Amazon as mp3 downloads.

By subscribing to Amazon music unlimited, you upgrade to a full-fledged streaming service. You get access to tens of millions of songs, playlists, and radio stations with the subscription of $9.99/month which is $7.99/month for prime members and you can also download the songs for listening offline.

Also, there are a lot of cool features like Amazon music can be accessed with Alexa, a digital voice assistant with which you can control the apps with voice commands and Amazon music also displays lyrics for most of the songs, & even no ads in prime membership.

2. Google Play Music

This music app is one of the best music apps for iPhone and Android user as well because it hosts music which is already in your device, streaming new songs in the apps and internet radio.

Best music apps for iPhone

You can upload the music you already have to your Google account and can access and listen to those songs in the app when your devices internet is active without having to download the songs or without subscribing.

Also, it has playlists type of radio-style based on mood, genre, activity, and more.

3. Apple Music

The music app from Apple comes pre-installed on all iPhones and with Apple music streaming service you can use more exciting things on the music app.

Best music apps for iPhone

You can get the whole iTunes store on your iPhone and computer with Apple music for a subscription of $10/month or $15/month for a family of 6 members. Also, you have a free trial of 30 days to try this service before paying for a subscription. There are 50 millions of songs & videos you can stream in Apple music.

There’s also Radio service in Apple music that features the Beats 1 station, this radio station is always-on, and streaming worldwide that is programmed by top musicians, and DJs. In this radio service, there is pandora-style music service which can create playlists according to the artists and songs a user likes.

In this app, you can create & share playlists, follow the artists, save music for listening offline and a lot more.

This App has almost all features you can expect from features-loaded music streaming app.

4. Uforia Musica

This app has all categories of genres of music also you’ve Latin music in this app. You can also set this app to show all text in English and Spanish language.

Best music apps for iPhone

Uforia offers 65 million radio stations when they broadcast live. Also, there are streaming-only stations exclusive to Uforia. These channels can be discovered by genre, city, and language and can also find playlists to match your activities and mood.

There’re many features which make this app useful as you can save the station you like to access it later easily, and a car mode which displays the important features of the app in a larger format to use the app easily while driving. One thing you are not gonna like about this app is the interruption from advertisements and sometimes it loses internet connection. But this app provides all features for free and also no upgrades.

5. Shazam

If you’ve heard a catchy song on the radio, television or somewhere else but couldn’t find the name of the singer or title of the song, then Shazam is the best app to identify singer name & song title.

Best music apps for iPhone

All you need to do is press the Shazam icon on the phone’s screen while the music is playing to identify the singer and title. This app also provides music lyrics and youtube videos of the songs you identify with Shazam.

Shazam also has visual recognition with which you can get information from posters, magazines, and books which has a Shazam camera logo.

6. Spotify

This list would not be complete without ‘Spotify,’ this music streaming app is the most downloaded app on the iPhones; this streaming service has more users than any other music streaming service available. It is a great free app with which you can enjoy your favorite music and podcasts.

Best music apps for iPhone

There is a huge music catalog, significant social and sharing features. In the latest version of this app, they’ve started adding podcasts in its collection so the users can listen to all kind of audios and not just music.

Earlier iPhone users were required to pay $10/month to use this streaming service on iOS supported devices. But now there’s an option of free that allows you to shuffle songs and playlists without having to buy any subscription, but there will be ads in this free tier.

But if you don’t want to listen to annoying ads, then you’ll need to buy the $10 premium subscription, and you can also save music to listen offline.

There are different paid premium options available and also big discounts for families, and students throughout the year.

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