Find my phone for iPhone

Find My Phone For iPhone – How To Activate & Use

Find my phone for iPhone

Find my phone for iPhone is an application which was published by Apple. For iPhone users find my phone is a very useful application.

This app works as a location tracking of iOS devices. Download here – Find my phone

This really is a very useful app to have in your iPhone or any iOS device. If somehow your device gets lost. This app may play a very important role to get back your device.

You just have this app turned on in your device. We have a lot of important files or data on our iPhone or on our MacBook. So, having this app can be really helpful. Let’s get in touch with the usage and way to get benefits of this app.

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Learn, How To Turn On Find My Phone For iPhone.

In just a few steps, via GPS signal. You will be able to know your iPhone’s last location.

Now, following are the steps to turn it on.

STEP-1  In settings, Tap on your ID name to enter in App store, iCloud, Apple id and iTunes.

STEP-2 Tap on iCloud – go down – below then, Tap on Find my phone.

STEP-3 Tap on the toggle with Find my iPhone and send the last location. Just wait for it to turn green. Now, Your iPhone is ready to be tracked.


After Turning On Find My Phone For iPhone, Learn How To Use It.

Enter your Apple id details in next, tap on find my phone icon.

Find my phone for iphone

Next, click on All Devices and a drop-down menu will show up with the device you’re searching for. Choose that device you want to track.

At the bottom of your device, you’ll see a timestamp with its last location. This means your iPhone has been in this area in the latest possible time.

I hope that now you can use this and if you have any problem then please ask in the comments section.

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