iMessage Not Working

iMessage Not Working On iPhone & iPad – Here’s How To Fix.

iMessage Not Working

Normally when you use the iMessage to text someone then the message you send is in a blue bubble, but if suddenly all of the messages you are trying to send comes up in a green bubble this means the iMessage is not working correctly and there is a problem with it.

If you too are facing the problem of iMessage not working then in this article you’ll learn how to fix the problems of iMessage on iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Green Bubble & Blue Bubble, What Are These?

After you open the iMessage app you’ll see that the text messages you send are sent in a blue colored bubble but sometimes the messages are sent in green color. This is what it means:

  • If the message you’ve sent appears in a blue bubble, it means the text message was sent using iMessage.
  • If the message sent appears in a green bubble, this means the text message was sent using the cellular plan

Some Common Reasons For iMessage Not Working:

When you’re facing an issue with iMessage on your iPhone, then firstly you should check that if the problem is with just one of your contacts or is it not working with all of your contacts. If you are facing the problem with just one of your contacts then the problem is most probably on their end. If your iMessage isn’t working with any of your contacts, then the problem is most likely from your end.

Try Sending A Message:

Find a person who has an iPhone and make sure that person’s iMessage is working properly and can successfully receive and send messages. Open the message on your iPhone and send the message on other person’s iPhone, if the blue bubble appears then the iMessage is working properly.

But if the green bubble appears when you send a text message, this means your iMessage isn’t working properly & your iPhone is sending messages using your cellular plan

How To Fix iMessage Not Working On iPhone & iPad?

1. Turn Off iMessage, Reboot, & Then Turn On iMessage Again

Go to Settings> Messages and then tap the button on the top right to turn off iMessage on your iPhone & iPad. Next thing to do is reboot your iPhone or iPad, for this just hold the power button until “Slide to turn off” appears and then slide the round button to the right to turn the device off. Now turn on your device again, again go to Settings> Messages and then tap the button on the top right to turn iMessage back on again. It is a simple fix and it works most of the time.

iMessage Not Working

2. Check If iMessage Is Set Up Correctly Or Not

Go to Settings> Messages and then tap on ‘Send & Receive’ from the menu options. After tapping on it you’ll see a list of contacts and e-mail addresses that you’ve set to send and receive messages on your iPhone & iPad.

Check the section ‘Start New Conversations From’, see if there is a checkmark next to your contact number, if not then tap on the phone number to turn on iMessage for your number.

iMessage Not Working

3. Check The Internet Connection

I believe everyone knows that iMessage only works on cellular data and Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that your device(iPhone or iPad) is connected to the internet while using iMessage. To check if the internet connection is working properly just go to safari and navigate to any website. If the site does not load or there is a message on the screen which says that you’re not connected to the internet, this simply means your internet connection is not good or not on and your iMessage will also not work.

Note: You iPhone might be connected to a Wi-Fi that doesn’t have a good internet connection, this can also be a problem if the internet isn’t working on your iPhone. Connect your device to a different Wi-Fi network or try using the cellular network and then again try to use iMessage, if it works this means the problem was not with iMessage, it was just the Wi-Fi.

4. Try Signing Out Of iMessage And Again Sign In

Go back to Settings> Messages and go to ‘send & receive’ from the menu items and then tap on Apple ID: (your Apple ID) then a box will pop up, from the box tap on ‘sign out’. Now again sign back in with your Apple ID, and try sending a text message from iMessage to your friend with iPhone.

iMessage Not Working

5. Check For Software Updates

Go to Settings> General> Software Update and see if there is an update available for your iPhone. There might be some bug in the current software version of your iPhone which might be stopping the iMessage from working properly. So Apple rolls out an update whenever they detect a problem in the current software version or also to fix iMessage problems with different carriers.

iMessage Not Working

6. Run Reset Network Settings

There can be issues with network connectivity and it can also prevent iMessage from working properly. And restoring your iPhone’s network settings back to factory defaults can fix the problems you’re facing with iMessage.

To reset your device to network settings, go to Settings> General> Reset and tap on ‘Reset Network Settings’.

iMessage Not Working

Note: Before doing this, make sure you know all the Wi-Fi passwords of the networks your device was connected with because after running the ‘Reset Network Settings’ it will erase all of the Wi-Fi networks on your device. After your iPhone restarts you will need to re-enter all of the Wi-Fi passwords which your iPhone was previously connected with. Your device’s VPN settings & Bluetooth will also reset to factory defaults after running the reset.


7. Last Thing You Can Do IS Contact Apple Support

Above mentioned steps will definitely fix the problem with iMessage, they work for almost everyone facing the problem of iMessage not working. There are rare chances when all of the above steps won’t fix the problem of iMessage if this is the case with you then you’ll need to contact Apple support to help you with the problem and they will personally fix the issue.

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That’s It

I hope this article helped you in fixing the issue you’re facing with your iMessage. If you have some other solutions to this problem which you’ve tried and if they worked then do mention them in comments to help others.

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