iPhone GPS Not Working

iPhone GPS Not Working Properly-Learn How To Fix.

iPhone GPS Not Working

GPS is a very useful capability of your iPhone Whether you use it to navigate to a destination which you don’t know the directions to or playing the games which use GPS, for example, Pokemon go. You can also use Gps to grant your current location access to your favorite applications so they can work efficiently.

Like iPhone not charging or iMessage not working you can also run into a problem like iPhone GPS not working, it does not always work right and can sometimes be working oddly causing trouble for you. But the question is what can we do about it.

There are different fixes you can try which might help you to get your iPhone GPS to work again. But first, we will go through some common problems which might be stopping your GPS from working properly.

Some Reasons For Why Your iPhone GPS Might Not Be Working Properly

There are different things which can go wrong with your GPS but here are some of the common problems:

  • Applications can’t find your location
  • Gps not showing the right location
  • Location not being updated by GPS
  • No GPS signal
  • Compass not pointing in the right direction

And there can be different reasons than the above-stated points, it depends on how you are using your device when the problem occurs.

It also depends on the application you’re using on your iPhone. Different error messages might appear in different apps because every app uses your location differently based on the purpose the application was made for.

Here Are Some Common Fixes Which You Can Try

As stated earlier there are different things you can try to get your device’s GPS to work again. To determine the cause we suggest you go through them in this order before trying other things.

  1. Check Whether You Have A Good Signal Or Not

To get GPS to work in you devise’s apps your iPhone needs to have a good network connection. If you are in some metal building or someplace where radio waves can not penetrate then your device might have problems in catching GPS signals and this will lead to your app not working properly.

If you run into one of these problems then try to move outside of that location or location where you can get a better network connection.

  1. Check App’s Location Permission

It is a common issue, a lot of peoples forget to enable location permission for a specific application. For instance, you won’t be able to determine your location in your iPhone’s map app or a third party navigation app if you do not grant the app proper location permission.

To check this go to Settings>Privacy and then Location Services and check the app you are having the issue with has location services turned on for it or not.

iPhone GPS Not Working

There are 3 options for sharing your location with an app.

  1. Never, Which never allows an app to see your location until you tell it to.
  2. While using an app, which allows an app to see your location only when you are using the application.
  3. Always, this means an app can always see your current location whether you are using the app or not or app running in the background also.

There are some app which requires their location services to be set on ‘always’ and if you set them to ‘while using the app’ option. They will not work properly. So you will need to set the location services for each app correctly.

  1. Refresh Location Services

Sometimes the problem is not more than a little software bug which might be causing the problem. If it is really the bug then the problem can be easily fixed by just turning your location services off and on again.

To do this, go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services and turn the location service off and then turn it on again.

iPhone GPS Not Working

You can also turn the airplane mode off, from the control center this turns off all the wireless radios and then re-enables them when you turn airplane mode on again.

iPhone GPS Not Working

  1. Reset All Network And Location Services

If the above fixes didn’t work there be might just be a problem of device’s location or network information. Sometimes these problems happen but it is not easy to say why these problems happen, and not just the Gps connections but also your cellular network connections can be affected by these problems.

To fix such problems, you’ll have to reset to network data by going to Settings>General>Reset from there press the blue Reset Location & Privacy button and the Reset Network Settings button

iPhone GPS Not Working

For each time you tap on the reset button you will be asked for your passcode after you have verified the password, information related to the cell you tap on will completely erase its information from the device.

You should clear bot the network and location information because your iPhone might use your wi-fi IP address or cellular towers to triangulate your location rather than just relying on a GPS signal

After this is done, you will need to reconnect to all wi-fi networks manually and if you have had any custom networks settings you will have to reconfigure them, but I think, your problem will be solved after this.

  1. Last Thing You Can Do Is Restore Your Device

If you have tried everything and nothing is working then the last and the best option you can try is restoring your device to factory settings. It is sometimes the best & only way to fix certain problems. You can restore your device via iTunes.

iPhone GPS Not Working

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After you have tried all the fixes mentioned above hopefully, your iPhone GPS will start working again properly. But if the problem still persists, we suggest you contact Apple customer care to avoid any kind of defect.

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