Iphone IP address

iPhone IP Address – Check How To Find It

iPhone IP address

Hello guys, in this post we are trying to resolve all the queries regarding iPhone IP address or any ios devices IP address. The three most asked regarding these issues are covered which are as follows.

  1. How to find iPhone IP address.
  2. How to change iPhone IP address or any ios device.
  3. How to fix banned iPhone IP address.

So, You guys gonna get a brief solution of these three major issues. Just read and follow the steps mentioned below. If you face any kind of problem then please feel free to comment under the comment section. Our team always be there to support you.

How To Find The iPhone IP Address or IP Address Of Any iOS Device.

  1. Unlock your home screen go to the settings.
  2. Go to the settings.
  3. Tap on wifi.

iphone ip address

  1. Now, tap on the ( i ) icon next to the wifi icon. Next, to this, you’ll get your IP address.

iphone ip address
Now, you know your IP address if in this you find any problem then, please feel free to ask.


How To Change iPhone IP Address Or Any iOS Device.

  1. Tap on settings then, tap on wifi.
  2. Click on ( i ) icon as I told you above.
  3. Write down your router address because you will need this later.
  4. To set your own IP address just go to IP address. Then, click on the manual.

iPhone IP address

  1. Now, set your own IP address under manual IP section.
  2. Fill your router address which you wrote down before and subnet mask also. Then tap on save.

So, that’s how you can change your iPhone’s IP address or any other ios device’s address.

How To Fix Banned iPhone IP Address.

So, guys many a time you faced this issue. Sometimes your IP address got banned due to playing games or on other websites. To solve this issue just follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, find your public IP address. Click here you will get your public IP address.
  • So, to get access to those websites who blocked your IP you need to change your IP.
  • Download a VPN service providing app from the app store. Go to the app store – type VPN hub -download it.
  • Open the app and scroll down. Tap on use free for now.

iPhone ip address

  • Then, tap on agree and allow now. Now, you can change your server location.

iPhone ip address

After doing this your public address will get change. Now your IP address is different and you can easily access to all of those websites and stuff which blocked your IP.

We feel very happy to help you out, Feel free to ask about any problem with Apple devices and share with those who are facing the same problem with their iPhones or iOSdevices. Please comment if you get your problem solved.

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