iPhone X Not Charging

iPhone X Not Charging – Try These Fixes

iPhone X Not Charging

Hello Guys, in this post I’m gonna tell the things which you can do if your iPhone x not charging properly.

It’s really annoying if you do any kind of stuff and your battery runs out. It is also not possible to have a power bank everywhere you go. So, without wasting your time lets get to the point.

Why Your New iPhone X Is Not Charging Let’s Check Out The Reasons And Solutions.

Many iPhone users have thought of an iPhone that doesn’t charge is mostly because of a problem in battery or a faulty charger that is charging the phone but very slow.

But, this isn’t always the usually the case. It seems that most instances of charging issues in Apple’s iPhones consisting of Apple’s flagship iPhone X were tied to a software malfunction.

As explicated by means of a former apple technician Every iPhone handset is made of many extraordinary programs accountable to perform a certain task. It’s a similar idea to a computer system. The device itself represents one whole system this is made up of many specific applications (sub-device).

There may be a selected application for texting (messages app), calling (phone app), internet surfing (browser apps), and so on. The same aspect goes for different tool features like re-charging (charging gadget). The one & the only difference is that the other apps Which are visible and accessible to final-users whilst the charging system is not accessible.

In few words, this program does its process without you even knowing. If this program gets corrupted or damaged via some bugs or malware that’s when you start to face certain issues or errors on the time of charging your iPhone.

In this case, the trouble is not the battery or any other hardware additives but it’s the charging system that is not working properly.

Firstly, Do This When You Face The  Charging Issue;

Here we are assuming that there is no hardware problem on your iPhone X hardware, there’s a way for it to be remedied via some workarounds. As a whole lot as possible, attempt to rule out the possibility or hardware harm causing which leads to your iPhone x not charging well or not charging at all.

iPhone X Not Charging


If you suspect that faulty hardware is responsible, then you could save effort and time by way of taking your iPhone x to an apple assist for hints and if possible, avail for guarantee instead otherwise, you may take your probabilities and troubleshoot the problem with these useful workarounds and charging suggestions.

Check Your Adapter And Data Cable;

To make sure that everything is fine with your charging system in use, take some time to scrutinize your charging cable, adapter, or power supply.

To check in case your charging cable is running, you may try to charge your different ios devices (if to be had) then see if it’s working.

When you have a spare OEM charger in your iPhone, attempt to use that in preference to the one you’re presently making the use of. Doing so will help you isolate whether or now not the hassle is at the charging cable. Do the same with the power supply.

Try and use a different wall outlet to attach your charger to it. When you have a computer laptop (home windows or mac), try to connect your iPhone x to the USB port of your computer.

Simply keep in mind that the computer is turned on, not idle, and has sufficient energy to supply power to your iPhone. In case you are using a wi-fi charger try to rule out the possibility of a faulty or incompatible wi-fi charging system in use. Let’s look forward to iPhone x, not charging.

Charge Your iPhone X For Little But Long Hours.

Once in a while, the device gets absolutely drained, in this case, it takes longer than the standard for the charging screen or charging indicator to load.

This indicates the want with a view to hold your iPhone x connected to a charger for a little longer. If after an hour, you still don’t see the charging screen Otherwise, you see the connection with the power screen as a substitute, Test your charging equipment together with the jack, USB cable, and power adapter in use.

Ensure that everything is plugged in firmly and the charging port is freed from debris and not broken. Again, you may want to recall attempting another USB cable or power adapter in this case.

You could additionally try to connect your iPhone x to a laptop and attempt to access the device through iTunes. In this case, if iTunes is able to recognize your iPhone, then it’s may be possible that it simply couldn’t load the device as it usually does. To attempt to repair it, you can try updating or restoring iOS with the use of iTunes.

Calibrate Your iPhone X Battery.

Calibrate the battery can assist optimize the battery system and improve the iPhone’s battery life. However, then again, this approach is only useful when your iPhone nonetheless have a bit of power left.

If the hassle you have got is on slow charging, then this might be of help. The calibration process includes draining the battery completely after that use it normally until its battery is drained once more. If you could and also you desire to attempt, here’s how it’s carried out:

  1. Use your iPhone X until it powers off or while the battery is completely drained.
  2. When your iPhone is powered off completely, connect it to a charger after that let it charge till the charging indicator or battery icon says it has reached 100%.
  3. Disconnect charger from the phone then turn it on.
  4. If the battery does not reach a 100 percent, plug it again into the charger & let it charge longer until it’s completely charged at 100 percent.
  5. Unplug the charger after the battery is full. Restart your iPhone x.
  6. Then start the use of your iPhone again as you usually do till it runs out of power & turns off on its own.
  7. Charge it once more until the battery gets completely charged.
  8. Turn on your iPhone again.

If the problem of your iPhone X not charging still persists then try reaching out Apple Support.

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