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What Is iPhone Unlocking? Unlocking An iPhone

What is iPhone unlocking?

A lot of peoples are not familiar with ‘phone unlocking’. Peoples are unfamiliar with this technology primarily because this is banned in the US but good thing is that it is legal in the rest of the world.

About Phone Unlocking

Unlocking your phone basically means removing the sim restrictions of the device, and it allows the use of your iPhone on any carrier.

The main reason iPhone users unlock their device is that they want to use their iPhone with different telecom service providers for ex: switching from AT&T to T-Mobile. Some people confuse phone unlocking with the jailbreak, to learn what is jailbreak read the article

You Can Unlock Your iPhone With Two Different Ways:

  • Software unlocks, usually, some kind of hacking is needed.
  • Factory unlock.

iPhone Official Factory Unlock

Difference between officially unlocked iPhones and a locked one depends on adding the phone’s IMEI number to a database of officially unlocked iPhones. An IMEI number is like a fingerprint feature of the phone, totally unique for each device. Your device’s IMEI number is stored in Apple’s database as unlocked after getting officially unlocked. Now there are only a few providers who have the ability to get iPhone unlocked permanently for a small fee.

What is iPhone unlocking

For now, this is the only best way to get your iPhone unlocked permanently because there is no software unlocks available for the latest versions of iOS.

Benefits Of Permanent  IMEI Unlock Are:

  • Doesn’t void the iPhone warranty
  • Your iPhone won’t get locked again, even after updating the device in iTunes
  • There’s a 100% guarantee of unlocking your iPhone
  • Works with all iPhones, even on-contract (iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus)
  • It’s official & simple (will be registered as officially unlocked in Apple’s database)
  • It works even if you’re under contract
  • No hacking or jailbreaking is required

The Way To Get Your iPhone Unlocked

There are a lot of services on the internet that can perform a factory unlock for on iPhones. They charge different prices and require a different amount of time for the unlock process.

Software Unlock

To unlock your iPhone with the software unlock look what your firmware version & iPhone model is.

Now software unlocks only works with old generation iPhones that have not been updated to the latest version of iOS OS. If you want to go for a reliable permanent iPhone unlock, then I suggest you do a factory unlock on your device.

Software unlocks were only available for older iPhones, from the first-ever iPhone to iPhone 4. iPhone models released after iPhone 4 can’t receive advantage from software unlock.

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